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Director of Administration/
Brand Abacus




Brand abacus, numbers guru.

As Director of Administration, Samuel Moyo brings a big picture perspective and extensive skills to Creative Company.

Samuel — the WD-40 of Creative Company — keeps the company moving smoothly. From ensuring the supply closet is stocked to resolving computer issues and keeping the financials up-to-date, he’s on it. Sam’s impeccable accounting skills and charming demeanor make him a vital member of the team.

With a bachelor’s degree in business from Linfield College, Sam’s 20+ year journey through business management and human resources positions lends a big picture perspective to the day-to-day work of managing the details.

My passion is seeing a company run smoothly. I love being a part of that. What I enjoy most about working here is being surrounded by creative people who make communication come alive for businesses. The work we do makes a real difference for clients.

Sam works behind-the-scenes to ensure the company — and each team member — has the tools they need to flourish. With accounting as a primary accountability, he often comments in production meetings, “show me the money!”

Samuel developed a thirst for traveling and experiencing other cultures at a young age. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, he has called a number of countries home, including England, Canada and Botswana. “I love traveling and learning about different cultures,” offered Moyo.

When I’m not traveling, the next best thing for me is to read novels that allow me to get a sense of history and lifestyle.