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Brand originator + digital designer.

Peter Kotenko brings youth, digital savvy and talent to his role as digital designer. He’s constantly absorbing the latest technology or design ideas and applying them to his work.

Peter KotenkoAs Creative Company’s digital designer and resident webmaster, Peter delivers design insight and tech know-how to all of his projects—from identity systems to magazines, websites to online branding. And everyone loves the results. 

Peter joined the Creative Company team as a production artist for both web and traditional print projects. He completed Creative Company’s new website in 2012 and has worked on new identity systems and award-winning projects for Linfield College.

He earned his associate’s degree in visual communication from Chemeketa Community College. Born in Ukraine, he grew up in Salem, Oregon.

Peter’s ready smile and innate drive to problem-solve a technology challenge—as well as his ability to slip easily between Macs and PCs—continues to be an asset to the company’s new focus on aligning the offline and online brand.

I’m kind of uncomfortable in my comfort zone. So I don’t really think I have one. I like to think. I like to explore.

We know he likes to work late hours and hang out in the office with the music cranked up on the weekends. But that’s okay—whatever works for him also works for Creative Company!