• A brand is an idea, an experience, an interaction

  • A brand is a visual system that stands out, creates recognition

  • A brand is a series of messages that compels response, action

  • A brand is targeted to a specific audience, not a broad group

  • A brand is integrated internally and externally

Three good reasons. Plus …

You probably know at least three solid reasons to invest in a brand: Break through the chaos; add perceived value; build recognition.

One. We are a society inundated with choices, more choices than ever before. People are overwhelmed. Everyone is looking for simple. Authentic. Trustworthy. Value. They want to know up front “what’s in it for me?” They want every choice to be easy, not confusing.

Two. Good branding adds perceived value to every message, every appearance of your brand. By communicating benefits it moves any organization from competing on price to emphasizing the value provided.

Three. A brand adds power to all marketing. When a visual and verbal identity is quickly recognized, your organization and message will be noticed. You will stand out from the chaos.

But creating consistency is no longer enough.

There are more communication channels, more opportunities for your audiences to interact with you. More chances to create (and manage) a brand experience.

And communication is no longer one-way. Audiences expect more: Value and information; Response and quick action; Social options and deals; Stories that build context.

An optimized brand is narrowly focused.

It integrates the ideas, the visuals and the messages into positioning. It builds from your audience’s perceptions and influences the target where they choose to interact. It’s supported and adopted by those who embody it.

Our methodology is brand optimization. It goes beyond the visual and verbal brand. It builds from choice. And it’s designed to help your audiences choose you.

When a brand is optimized there is more power. Stronger purpose. Clearer components. And bigger results.

Our exclusive five-part brand optimization process delivers ongoing response from the audiences you seek to reach. Ready to learn more?