Always looking for great talent.

Interested in doing great work? Do you have a LOT to offer? Willing to work hard, collaborate, enjoy good coffee and come to McMinnville (a delightful town)? We might be looking for you.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent.

GRAPHIC AND DIGITAL DESIGN. As a designer who’s a whiz at production, a digital design guru, or a thoughtful, accurate and insightful idea person, we want to know you. Send us a resume and a link to your portfolio and let us know your availability for freelance, contract or on-site work.

COPYWRITER. As a writer who can speak in multiple voices; get to the point and sell; knows how to grab the reader and inspire a response in long form or short, on a series of publications or in a magazine article; we want to know you, too. Send us a resume and up to five samples of your work that show range of style, short form and long form, pithy headlines or heart-wrenching prose, hard-hitting sales copy or stories that romance the product.

ACCOUNT MANAGER. Love to manage projects, keep track of details, lead clients and build strategies that will get response? We’re interested in talking further. What’s your agency experience? What’s your record for new business development? How have you contributed ideas, insight, research, leadership, headlines, proposals or project management that have driven the bottom line for the agency and for the client? Send us a resume, a letter that sells us on your talents and contributions and we’ll get back to you if you’ve done a good sales job.

PRODUCTION DESIGNER. Do you love to create organization out of chaos, track down the details and build airtight production files? Are you masterful at production design, juggling competing requests, collaborating with teammates and meeting challenging deadlines? Do you live and breathe accuracy and possess the ability to simplify complex file builds for print and online? Do you run your freelance business with a work ethic that surpasses everyone that competes with you? Send us an email and a link to your portfolio, and a summary of your ranked software skills (learner, productive or expert) as well as a description of how your work could fit with our team. Are you available as a freelancer or for on-site work?

Send your information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you miss something we’ve asked for, you probably won’t hear from us.