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business to business (B2B)

Multiple channels, different targets and expectations within the selling process, and one brand to tie it all together. The challenge — tell each audience what they need to know to choose, and build the brand and story at each point of choice.

B2B is still about people.

Business to Business (B2B) marketing incorporates many levels of communication to different roles in the sales channel.

Buyer, broker, distributor, purchasing agent, recommender and R&D may each have a say about which products or services to purchase.

Each audience (role) must understand the context of the brand, yet expects a specific outcome. Our work manages the brand story, distills specific messages and gets to the heart of audience expectations.

The communication tools are chosen based on how that audience connects — online, in a sales conversation, at a trade show, through trade publications, in an ongoing “drip” campaign. Each audience gets what they need to move to the next step in the sales process.

  • Comparison charts of features and benefits reach the detailed mind of engineers
  • Product choices and listed applications help R&D staff see what’s possible
  • Websites support the buying process and help the sales team discuss options over the phone
  • A series of direct mail or email pieces keep products and services “top of mind” when the need arises
  • Sales packets are comprehensive, impressive, flexible and customizable for personal presentations
  • Industry-specific language and images are used to distinguish products targeted to narrow markets and niches

Even in a complex sales process, it’s still about people

People have perceptions and mis-perceptions. Before they decide to buy they must know the benefit, fact or performance that rises above the others. Design of each marketing tactic must capture attention and build interest at every opportunity.

We create a continuum of messages and ideas that maintains the connection in a long sales cycle. Each strategy is focused on the individual, their role and their expectation.

And it’s not about the blue box

Many B2B marketers include a picture of the product — a machine in a box, or a high-tech device — prominently on their sales literature. Yet the buyer is not buying the “blue box” … they’re buying what that product does, the result that’s created.

The buyer doesn’t care what the product looks like (and in most cases what it looks like doesn’t mean anything to them). They want to know “what’s in it for me?”

Before you create another website filled with pictures of your products or another sell sheet with a prominent photo of the latest blue box, give us a call. We’ll tell the story of your products in a meaningful way, so your audiences will “get it” and want to know more.

When you’ve realized your B2B marketing strategy is no longer generating results, or you’re just ready to refresh and update your marketing program and without the “blue box,” it’s time to talk to us. Just fill out the request form at the left, or give us a call toll-free at 866.363.4433.