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Rather read offline than online? We have a book for that! We offer a brand planner … and a remarkable tome on the history of pineapple in Hawaii.

Why pineapple you might ask?

Author Jack Larsen

Creative Company’s president grew up in Hawaii while her father, Jack Larsen, spent many years working for Dole, on pineapple plantations and in management.

When he retired, he spent fifteen years researching, interviewing key figures, collecting historic documents and photos, and writing an in-depth overview of the history of the pineapple business in Hawaii. He included perspectives from both labor and management, and an historic overview of how pineapple canning began.

When the research and writing portion was done, he started looking for someone to put the book together. His daughter jumped in.

Hawaiian Pineapple book

Jennifer and Creative Company then spent another three years designing, building, editing and producing this remarkable book. Unlike any other book on the pineapple business, the nearly 700 pages are filled with historic interviews; archive photos from Dole’s archives, the Bishop Museum and personal sources; sample ads from the early 1900s through the 1990s; maps and documents and more that illustrate the rise and fall of the pineapple industry and a way of life in Hawaii. The result? Hawaiian Pineapple Entrepreneurs.

And it’s available online, check out the website.

hawaiian book Larsen     Pineapple history book

If you have any interest in Hawaiian history or how an historic agricultural industry evolves, this extraordinary book should be in your collection. Order your copy below for $65, plus shipping and handling.

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We’ve also created a simple, notebook style, spiral bound brand planner. Titled 9 Tactics (and plenty of tips) to Build Your Powerful Brand it’s available for $20, plus shipping and handling. There’s room to write notes; ideas to help you examine your effectiveness; and a few tests to see how you’re doing and where you can create more impact with your brand. To order your copy, click on the link below.

We have a few other books in the works. We’ll post those when they’re ready for public viewing. Keep checking back!