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business to consumer (B2C)

A focused message around “what’s in it for me?” and bold design helps consumers recognize and understand the brand. Boosting visibility at every touch point builds familiarity and increases response.

Get noticed and get talked about.

From services to take out the trash or connect to the internet; or promoting flights to and from Salem; or wooing foodies to a high end restaurant in an out-of-the-way town, our programs get both attention and response.

The core of reaching consumer audiences is distinguishing — from their point of view — what’s in it for me? (WIIFM). Bold design gets each brand recognized quickly. And a surge in attention drives response.

Consumers — you and I — are overwhelmed with messages, ideas, ads, images every day. The goal of the consumer-focused brand is to break through that chaos. We live in a visual society — graphics and design matter. Outstanding design makes the difference between being seen and recognized or getting lost in the clutter.

Clients in telecommunications, waste management, consumer packaged goods, fine dining and other consumer services have seen the difference our work makes to their bottom line.

  • In McMinnville or on the Oregon coast, gold garbage trucks with their bold WOW | Western Oregon Waste graphics draw community attention
  • In Canby, vans for Canby Telecom wrapped in a distinctive bird design, offer telecommunication, internet and television services that are “Faster. Higher. Farther.”
  • In Salem, Oregon a comprehensive “Fly Salem” campaign appeared on billboards and inserts to boost passenger counts beyond initial goals

Working with local businesses has taught us which tactics are the most cost-effective and will make the biggest difference for each company. Practically-free roving billboards (trucks and vans) are one of the most persuasive points of choice for HVAC, waste management, telecommunications and other home-delivered services.

Local and regional media are carefully chosen, and supported online and offline. Printing is planned and managed to maximize the budget. Messages and media are “at a glance” to reach time-starved consumers where they will choose.

It’s still about what people see, how they choose

Whether packaged goods that must be recognized on the shelf, or in-home services delivered by a technician in a van, the optimized consumer brand must be seen, recognized and understood.

It’s not about throwing the name on the side of a van and calling it good. It’s still about communicating “What’s in it for me?” quickly, in a graphic system that stands out and encourages response.

And a successfully optimized brand will unify messages and graphics in all channels, from hats to trucks to website to brochures to packaging. Results? Yes — recognition, “buzz” and response.

Rename and rebrand, refresh and update an existing brand, or create a marketing program that drives bottom-line results — when you’re ready, give us a call toll-free at 866.363.4433. Or fill out the reply form on the left and we’ll get back to you quickly.