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Reaching a community instead of a narrowly focused audience, communicating a high level of skill while reassuring with a caring touch draws patients in. An elegant yet soft brand system demonstrates quality and connects with all audiences.

Patients can choose.

Today’s healthcare brand must help patients choose who to see for the health and well-being of their family. Hospital, clinic or medical professional—all must build a brand that validates the quality of care.

Unlike healthcare fifteen or twenty years ago, patients now have resources to learn more about their health, different diseases, treatments and service providers. They’re more educated. They have higher expectations. They will choose whether to stay in their community or go to a specialist. Or to go to an Urgent Care Center or the Emergency Room or a clinic.

In the clutter of information and mis-information about medical services, it’s vital the brand story validates the integrity of the care being provided. The brand must represent exceptional medical skill while maintaining a warm touch.

Health is personal

The personal connection to healthcare requires a brand with humanity, warmth and exceptional design. A poorly designed communication or inconsistent or confused brand reflects badly on the service it represents. It will quickly diminish perceived quality of care. Potential patients will look for options.

For a large institution, brand consistency must be implemented throughout the organization. Train staff to understand and champion the brand. An optimized brand includes tools, templates and training to maintain brand integrity and ensure ongoing success.

The brand must inspire confidence

Our work with hospitals, clinics and individual physicians continues to evolve as the face of healthcare services changes. Yet it’s still about unifying messages and images to inspire confidence. You must reassure each family that they have made the right choice. And it means going beyond the standard “white coat and stethoscope” photo. Communications must connect on a personal level.

Although our case studies show work for Salem Health and Salem Hospital, we have provided effective brand programs and ongoing marketing campaigns for other clinics and practices, from an ophthalmology clinic and a birthing center to individual practices.

Creative Company has helped us organize the many levels of logos within our overall brand, and create a cohesive look and feel that still offers flexibility in its final execution. By creating templates for our in-house team to work with, we are creating a system that will work for the long-term while managing the many applications of our logo and identity efficiently.

—Sherryll Johnson Hoar, Manager of Marketing and Communications, Salem Health

Appeal to more patients

Ensure your brand program is carefully designed and thoughtfully executed throughout all touch points. We will work strategically with leadership to provide positioning, brand strategy, templates and tools to an in-house marketing department. Or we can partner with you to provide ongoing support as an external marketing department. Our experience extends to:

  • Brand identity design, refresh
  • Brand identity guidelines and standards
  • Stationery and forms design
  • Magazine planning, layout and publication
  • Brochure system design and implementation
  • Direct mail programs
  • Advertising design and campaigns
  • Office templates—Word, Publisher and PowerPoint—for internal brand consistency
  • Brand training
  • Hospital menu design and versioning
  • Campaign and event planning and management

Help patients choose you

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