Audit to brand makeover.

We could give you a list of services — from inbound marketing programs to designing a complete brand system that reinvents your organization.

But it’s not about our menu of services

It’s about the marketing challenge you face.

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What are the short-term and long-term goals?
  • Who are the audiences you must reach to be successful? What’s working and what’s not working?
  • Do people understand the value of what you have to offer?
  • Are you introducing a new product or service?
  • Has the response to your marketing dropped?
  • Do you have a marketing team, or are you handling everything yourself?
  • Are you wondering how to integrate the new digital tactics or social media into your marketing?

That’s where we’ll start, asking about your organization, your audiences, your industry, your competition, what tactics you’re using now, what results you’re getting.

Then we’ll talk logistic and budgets and pinpoint what might be a starting point.

  • A brand audit is a review of your current program, with actionable recommendations and no commitment to a long-term program.
  • Renaming can reinvent how your organization is perceived and give you a reason to tell your story and create a new image.
  • A brand refresh can consolidate and streamline your visual persona and key messages to create a synchronized, recognizable program.
  • Messaging architecture engages your team and stakeholders in digging deep into who you are, what you provide and why it matters, then articulating those key ideas as a platform for communicating effectively.
  • New product introduction identifies a niche and position, then builds the packaging design and marketing materials to drive product placement and sales.

Explore our site further. Check out our work, read about the programs we offer, and learn about our brand optimization methodology … the foundation of generating ongoing response.

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