The right communication tool.

A brand comes to life in the medium in which it appears, where the audience can touch, read, absorb or connect. Choosing the best tools for each brand requires experience and skill.

Strategy drives the choice of communication tools

When we speak of the programs we provide for our clients, we speak about our brand optimization methodology. Yet in the end, what our clients receive are marketing tools — website, sales packets, giveaways, brochures, ads, posters, trade show booth, packaging, magazine, direct mail campaign, emails, landing pages, mobile website, video, fleet graphics … and on and on.

It’s the work in these various disciplines that brings the brand to life. Each communication tool builds the brand so that the right people can see it and respond.

Each program requires its own set of disciplines

Depending on the industry, the audiences and the communication channels, each brand program draws on the discipline that will be the most effective at each point of choice.

  • A website is essential for any business now. But is that website an inbound marketing tool to capture qualified leads? Or is it an E-commerce site that generates online sales?
  • In consumer packaged goods, packaging design is an essential point of choice. Yet there are still decisions to be made about the structure, format, size and display of those packages, based on the product and where it’s placed.
  • A business that uses a fleet of trucks or vans has a built in point of choice that can be leveraged as roving billboards to generate attention, brand recognition and phone calls.
  • When higher education admission offices must reach high school students and their parents, recruitment suites — a targeted series of publications designed to tell the school’s story — are still essential. And those direct mail pieces are being supplemented and supported online, with email and in social media.

From a range of disciplines, we choose the tools that will build the brand. We have built a team with scope, a team that is willing to look beyond what has always been done in the industry or the work from the past, to what the target audiences are responding to now.

It’s not about what’s hot now

We won’t recommend social media just because it’s the latest buzz in marketing, unless your target audiences are actually using it.

Yet we’ll continue to push web development that’s mobile friendly, because statistics show an explosion of web-enabled phones and other devices in the next few years, meaning the mobile web is an important point of choice.

Bottom line? We’ll recommend and produce what works.

We’ll put together the components and elements that will reach the audiences you must reach in order to be successful.

We’ll embrace and use the disciplines that produce results for you and your brand. And we have the experience and know how to implement the brand at all levels, print to digital, online to in your hand.

For an overview of our five-point brand optimization methodology, visit our brand optimization page. There you can learn more about the Point of Choice, as well as Strategic Definition, Positioning, Implementation and Internal Adoption.

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