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Are you alienating your visitors?

Earthlings like us are looking for intelligent life in the black hole of the internet. Are you scaring us off with confusing language or strange graphics? It’s time to speak well and prosper.

Are you visible on mobile?

It's here. Google is now showing websites on mobile devices ONLY if the site is built for mobile. Dubbed "Mobilegeddon," this change means some visitors won't find your site at all if you're not mobile-ready. All set? Then let's talk blogging to increase visits to your website.

Is your website headless?

A website homepage without a simple and direct message is like a body without a head. There’s no communication. Just working arms and legs. With just 15 seconds (or less) to connect to a visitor, are you compelling action?

Make Google happy.

It's been true for awhile ... your website must be mobile friendly and responsive to reach more people. The latest Google change means websites that are not mobile friendly will rank lower than those that are. The new algorithm launches this month.

Is your website invisible?

If people are not finding your website when they search for what you offer, you're a ghost--invisible. Sure, people who know you may just type in your name and find your site. But what about all those people who want what you provide but don't know your name?

Is your website dead?

You know your website must be the dynamic, beating heart of your marketing, because when people are looking for what you offer, they start online. Yet many websites are lost in zombie-land, staggering, without life, repelling visitors and killing potential business.

Let's rock 2015

Did your 2014 marketing deliver recognition? New business? Growth? If not, it's time to take a closer look at inbound marketing--today's marketing. Inbound draws people in when they're searching for what you offer. Where? Online, of course.

Build your marketing muscle

Do you feel like a weakling when it comes to today's marketing? How do you keep up with new digital tactics? Plus manage social? Develop effective campaigns? Get results?

Rock your marketing results, here’s the secret

The “WOW!” … that often intangible thing people love about what you do or offer. The reason they return again and again. The story they share with delight. The “above and beyond what I expected” tale.

Lost in the noise? How to get response.

No matter who you’re trying to reach with your marketing, audiences today are swamped with choices, information and communication channels. Make sure they find you, see you, and hear you.

Is your website failing you? One thing for 2015

2014 is nearly done. 2015 is just around the corner. Yet there’s still such a long list of things to do. Right? Not sure where to start? If you can do just ONE thing, here’s what it is.

2015 is nearly here. Is your marketing ready?

2014 is nearly done. Have you seen big changes? Economic recovery. New opportunities. More demand for what you offer. (We have.) Yet when you think marketing, are you frustrated? Excited? Just trying to keep up? Hang on …

More blog tactics to grow your traffic and business | Creative Co

We returned to the topic of blogging in our last newsletter ... the why and a few “how to” guidelines. This time, more blog tactics to boost your reach and response.

Business blogger or blog beginner? Be better | Creative Co

You’ve heard about blogging. Perhaps you’re a dedicated blogger ... or you’re just beginning. It can be a challenge to blog and see results. Here’s a start.

(2 of 2) Social media tips and ideas to use now | Creative Co

“People prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust.” You’ve heard it many times. And today, instead of going to cocktail parties or networking events to meet people, there’s social media.

(1 of 2) Social media tips and ideas to use now | Creative Co

Social media is here to stay. Despite constant changes in format and reach it’s now an accepted part of the communications landscape. Is it time to get serious about your social media marketing? We think so.

4 economic reasons to rebrand now, plus insider tips | Creative Co

The economy is moving again. Marketing continues to transform. We’re hearing “I need to update my marketing” or “I want to rebrand.” People want new, fresh, up-to-date and … effective!

On social media? How to use photos to get more response | Creative Co

Our last few issues focused on your website, still VERY important to your business. But what about social media? Yes, it’s also part of your online brand.

How to improve your website’s marketing performance | Creative Co

If you’ve been reading these newsletters you know the importance of your website. In today’s online I-want-to-research-before-I-buy world, your website is at the heart of your marketing.

How to REALLY make a difference in your marketing | Creative Co

It’s a simple fact. The way people search for and choose what they want to buy—whether it’s services or products, for business or the family—has changed. A lot.

Simple guidelines and how-tos for you | Creative Co

We’ve discovered a few tools to streamline the little, time-consuming details of marketing management. When we’ve shared these tools, we’ve heard “wow, thank you!” Now it’s your turn ...

Webinar link, social insights and “how to” posts | Creative Co

More ideas to explore, market research you can use, and tools to help you be a better marketer. Yup, we’ve got ‘em. Here are just a few of the resources we offer.

The missing link is found, your webinar recording | Creative Co

For those of you who could attend our webinar yesterday, thank you! And for those of you who couldn’t, here’s the link to the recording.

On Thursday, March 27, learn how to get better marketing results | Creative Co

When you choose the marketing tools, tactics and channels that are right for YOUR audiences, you’ll be a smarter marketer. I’m going to show you how in my upcoming webinar on Thursday. Have you registered yet?

Ready to market smarter, not harder? Join my webinar March 27 | Creative Co

Marketing today isn’t like it used to be—there are so many different and new choices. Social? Web? Direct mail? What is the best option for your organization?

Marketing headaches? Use our 3 recommended resources.

Frustrated. Confused. Overwhelmed. Trying to keep everything going all at once. Is that how you feel about your marketing program?

Join our free webinar March 27 | Creative Company

In our last e-newsletter I mentioned an upcoming webinar. It's still on, just at a later date. Can you wait? I hope so! It will be worth it, promise!

Are you a stressed marketer? Worried about getting it all done? | Creative Co

Anxious about where to focus your marketing to get the best results? Being quizzed by leadership about the plans for this year?

(3 of 3) Even more tips to improve your marketing results this year | Creative Co

Despite the massive changes in technology and communications, there are still fundamental principles to apply to every marketing decision. How do your audiences find you? Do they understand why they should choose you?

(2 of 3) More tips to boost marketing results this year | Creative Co

We covered a marketing fundamental (who are your target audiences?) in our last issue. And gave you 4 tips to ramp up your marketing this year. There’s more. Ready?

(1 of 3) Your tips for big marketing response this year | Creative Co

Change. More change. Change again. Did you think that’s what 2013 was about? Well get ready … there’s a whole lot more for this year. Yet the fundamentals are still true.