• A new marketing website to boost berry sales for Hurst's.
  • A new marketing website meant new navigation and organization to boost berry sales for Hurst's.
  • A new marketing website with easy navigation to boost berry sales for Hurst's.


CLIENTHurst’s Berry Farm

MARKETFresh berries/grocery


Online support for berry sales.

Mouthwatering website increases sales and distribution for the leading shipper of fresh berries in the Northwest using clean, engaging page layouts and easy-to-use navigation.


Oregon-based grower and national distributor of fresh berries for grocery outlets.


Brokers, retailers and buyers of fresh berries who need more details about availability of fresh berries; consumers looking for recipes and berry information.


Use provided photos and an updated brochure layout to create a dynamic and visually compelling Website; update navigation and product presentation; implement a site that supports telephone sales of fresh berries by showing product and packaging options; allow Hurst’s staff to update content.


Define a visual language that translates across multiple levels of detail; create clean page layouts to organize information and provide easy navigation from photos of each berry; build pop-up pages for recipes; use tab metaphor for navigation to emulate the corporate brochure; coordinate programming.


Enhanced communication with the trade; smoother and more accurate ordering of product; elevated perception of quality products; simplified sales conversions.

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