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Writing websites starts before design.

Positioning and messaging first. Then writing, which guides information flow. Followed by design and build. An effective website demands impressive content, clear messaging, and wording that resonates with the target audiences.

Of course you want your website to be attractive. But flash and photos won’t drive a visitor from the home page to another page. Great design won't bring a searcher to your site. A natural order of ideas and content must draw a visitor to what they’re looking for and the action you want them to take.

Your website is not an online brochure. Today it's at the heart of your marketing strategy. 

There are plenty of people who “do websites.” Lots of providers offer cheap or free sites. And they usually expect you to provide all content before they build. So really, they’re just programmers or builders. Or designers and programmers. They're not marketers.

We begin as marketers. We focus the site content and layout to reach your target audiences and draw them in. To quickly tell the visitor where they are and why they should keep looking. Remember, the goal of the home page is to get visitors to the interior pages. 

Our websites deliver results.

We have transformed the online presence of many companies by focusing first on who they want to attract, then on what those visitors need to see at a glance.

We've defined the top level messages that support the positioning. Organized content so it’s easy to read and access. Designed information flow and calls to action to capture interest and encourage exploration.

Writing websites once the positioning and key messages are clear is part of the planning stage. Copy is not written to fit an already-approved design.

Let’s work together to define the people you must reach to be successful.

We will build in the results you expect—visitor traffic, inquiries, downloads, lead capture. We’ll deliver what your audiences are looking for.


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When it's time to redesign your website, there are many factors to evaluate and address. Avoid critical mistakes by using our website redesign guide. Or call us for a consultation. 


Already working with a web designer or developer? We've put together 10 Rules for Website Readability. Use it to plan your website design and content that will draw in visitors and keep them clicking through. Download it here.



I have just gone through the new website and all I can say is IMPRESSIVE!  Wow, do you guys ... have the message and content just right. This is one of the best newer websites I have come across in a while. I am very thankful that we have both of you on our side and with us.
Rick Olson, Mayor of McMinnville, on the new MEDP website
The new website saved the sales team so much time, because people interested in using the Center had many of their questions already answered on the home page. We didn’t have to keep explaining how many square feet were available, or if we had catering or not.
Merrissa Burleigh, Sales Manager, Salem Convention Center