Implementation provides the marketing tools to bring your brand to life.

Bring the brand to life.

In implementation the points of choice set the framework, while positioning, identity and messaging inform the tactics, channels, and marketing tools we choose.

Where and how the brand is presented is defined in the implementation phase. The most effective points of choice are where we build the brand first.

Each brand program will employ tactics and channels specific to what is being marketed, the target audiences, existing communication channels and current connections with the audiences.

We’ll first assess:

From sales staff to brokers to final buyers and users, the best communication tactic for each audience is defined to fit each point of choice.

  • Do they connect at trade shows?
  • Or respond to emails?
  • Or prefer to meet in person?
  • Or does website traffic drive inquiries?
  • Are there two (or more) essential audiences — the B2B buyer and the end consumer?
  • Are roving trucks being seen by a community of customers?

Where and how choices are made drives the strategies and tools that integrate the brand story and visual system.

  • Are sales made online?
  • Is there a multi-step process, through a specifier, purchasing manager or buyer?
  • Are products sold at retail, placed on a shelf?
  • Does a board have to approve a decision?
  • Do most new clients come through referrals?
  • What information do prospects need at each stage of the process in order to move forward?

Then we’ll plan and design the best tactics

With these basics covered, we’ll plan the tactics and communication tools that fit both the audiences and the communication channels. Here we decide what has the most influence on action, and how we can leverage that influence with solid planning, compelling messaging and outstanding design.

What’s needed most?

  • A new suite of brochures to support information requests?
  • A website that’s rich with testimonials to build trust?
  • A mobile website to fulfill on an ad campaign using QR codes?
  • An email series to back up and integrate with a direct mail campaign?
  • A magazine to tell the stories that draw people in, educate and inform?
  • A package design that’s a compelling ad on the shelf?

Extraordinary design creates the “wow” response to each statement of the brand.

  • Whether applied to a website, a truck, a package or a series of direct mail pieces, our design approach will elevate expectations and ensure the brand stands out and is reinforced.

Brand standards integrate all communication tools. Consistency ensures recognition no matter where and when a message is seen.

  • Online or offline, print to digital, vehicles to ads, we establish brand standards to visually connect each brand presentation for quick recognition.
  • We’ll sweat the details to ensure messages connect and information is accurate.

Call to action:
Every communication includes a call to action directed to the audience and a specific point of choice.

  • Whether an ad or a flyer, an email or a truck, we know the more ways people have to respond, the more likely they are to respond. Calls to action are incorporated on every brand communication.

Many choices and opportunities

Brand implementation is the phase with the most options and variables. We’ll provide what’s requested, but we’ll also evaluate and assess where the biggest opportunities are.

Clients have been overwhelmed with response when we turned their under-designed trucks and vans into roving billboards that turned heads. Other clients have heard lots of positive comments from their peers and seen a higher yield with our student recruitment suite or direct mail campaigns.

We can make a difference in your brand program, too. Take the next step, connect with us.

Let’s talk about your brand, your audiences and your points of choice. We’ll assess, evaluate and recommend the plan of action that will make a difference … and fit your budget.

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