• Upgraded healthcare marketing with new patient menus for Salem Health.
  • Upgraded healthcare marketing with new, organized patient menus for Salem Health.
  • Upgraded healthcare marketing with new, diet specific patient menus for Salem Health.


CLIENTSalem Hospital

MARKETRegional hospital

PROGRAMNutritional publications

Revising the foodservice brand.

To carry the new brand system into other key touch points within Salem Hospital, patient menus were redesigned. Signing and information flyers for the cafeterias and coffee shops were also brought under the new brand.


The fifth largest healthcare organization in Oregon.


Staff, patients and patient families and friends in the hospital.


Previous patient menus included all menu items on one menu, and were encased in a large plastic holder. This presented problems with both weight and sanitation, and confused patients who were on special diets so food choices were limited. Signing and flyers in the cafeteria and coffee shops was being produced in-house in Publisher and did not meet the new brand standards.


Working with the nursing staff and the nutritional services team, Creative Company designed an eight-by-eight booklet format that was easy to handle, could be produced in Publisher or pre-printed offset. Seven different menus were tailored for special diets and were translated into both Spanish and Russian. The redesigned menus incorporated appealing photos and could be thrown away after use.

Working with the foodservice team, we also designed a system of signing, labels, tent cards, flyers and displays to be used throughout the hospital and in the cafeteria. One system used a swirl element to represent the coffee shops. The other incorporated the streams with existing design elements into consistent, easy to read signing and plasma displays within the cafeteria.


  • Planning and strategy with the nutritional services team to explore formats, layouts, production options and budgets for menus and flyers
  • Layout and design of seven different menus for specific diets
  • Production of menus for offset printing and as Publisher templates
  • Design of two systems of flyers in three sizes into Publisher templates
  • Design and production for custom plasma displays for the cafeteria
  • Design of support information pieces including coupons, Grab-n-go labels,  product labels and Welcome sign


Patients are happier when ordering off their menus, as the food is appealing and menus are easy to read and handle. The signing system supports brand standards within the cafeteria and simplifies ordering. Flyers to promote specials or events are easy to use and update as needed.


  • Patient Menu Layouts: 28th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, 2011, Patient Handbook: Silver
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