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new work

Recent work demonstrates our design thinking. Each program starts from the audiences’ point of view to build from each point of choice. Positioning. Messaging. Brand identity. Brand implementation. Managed programs. Ongoing response.

Brands that demand attention.

Brand strategy based on our brand optimization process. The result? A brand that demands attention from the audiences you must reach to be successful.

Before we begin the creative process, our brain trust of talent digs deep to understand your organization, your goals and your position in your market and category. We will uncover the DNA of your culture, ask the tough questions of staff and customers and explore the perspectives and expectations of your target audiences.

We will answer the enduring question your audiences are thinking, "what's in it for me?" Only then do we develop a brand strategy built with carefully crafted messages and extraordinary creative that stands out. Your brand is brought to life at the point of choice for each audience.

The new work we’re showcasing delivered results

When we begin, we uncover the elements that will make the biggest difference for you and your organization. What idea or marketing tool is going to rally your staff and create a new level of energy and excitement? What’s going to have your prospects pay attention and say, “Really? Tell me more!”

Each program pinpoints where we can create action, where we’ll have the most impact on the audiences you must reach to be successful. Rather than a series of projects, we also plan, guide and build a brand strategy to create a continuum of contact that tells the story, connects the dots and draws in new audiences, both online and in the real world.

A range of industries, yet it’s still about people

Although you’ll see our work broken into categories — B2B, B2C, Food + Wine, Education, Financial Services, and Healthcare — it’s still about people.

  • Your people, your team and staff who represent the brand.
  • The people who are your customers and can be empowered to share your story and purchase again.
  • The people who must understand what you offer and why you’re the better choice.
  • The people who want the right information in order to make a decision.
  • The people who will influence and guide a decision.
  • The people who will refer, influence, join, enroll, recommend, click through and buy.

Our goal is to deepen our understanding of your peoplethe target audiences we are reaching for you, to bring you impressive response and outstanding results.

Tell us about your audiences

How do you want your target audiences to respond? How are they influenced and where do they choose to take action? That’s the foundation for a brand that demands attention. The foundation from which to build an optimized brand.

Explore our work. Read the case studies. Then let’s talk. Or, spend a bit more time identifying who those all-important audiences are ... and what they want from you.


Who do you want to reach? How do you want them to respond? What do you have in place that’s working? What do you want to reinvent or recreate? Just email us or give us a call toll-free at 866.363.4433.


We’ve seen some great growth over the past few years…and a lot of that goes back to the initial branding/logo/sales materials you guys did for us. You certainly gave us a substantial framework to build from. We will always be grateful for the collaboration!

Deborah Moen, Willamette Valley Fruit Co.

Yes, it [rebranding] was scary. But I always reminded myself that I’ve hired Creative Company because I believe they’re the best for this project and I trust their expertise… Now, looking back, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Jody Christensen, Executive Director, MEDP