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When everyone offers similar products and services, financial institutions must build trust and loyalty through their people. The brand must tell that story, demonstrate value and reach beyond what’s expected from the category.

Culture and attitude personified.

A successful financial institution is seen as trustworthy, solid and connected to the communities served. It’s the people behind the brand that create loyalty. Great financial marketing tells the story.

Represent the experience and relationship

The brand’s job is to tell the story that represents the customer experience. Both banks and credit unions are heavily regulated. They offer basically the same services as a result, so it’s essential for each entity to reflect a unique character and personality.

Most customers choose their bank by a combination of reputation and location. Yet for a younger generation accustomed to mobile everything, technology is more important than location. Because Millennials will seldom, if ever, set foot in a branch.

Thus the generational dilemma

The challenges — keep older customers happy by maintaining branches staffed with great people. PLUS appeal to younger audiences with the latest online and mobile technology. Then build a financial marketing program that inspires the wired generation as well as the technophobes who prefer a one-on-one conversation.

In a constantly changing industry in a highly competitive market, financial institutions must create a focused brand that owns a personality unlike any other. They must create recognition amongst the chaos.

Yet so many financial organizations fall back on “look at our rate” or “our service is wonderful” and become just another “me too” option fighting for new customers or members.

Define the position first

Our process digs deep into perceptions and mis-perceptions. We interview leadership and services staff. Current brand elements and communications are audited.

We build on what’s working or reinvent what’s not working. Each target audience is considered — what they need to know and how best we can reach them.

We will define an audience-focused position that is distinctive, recognizable, and supported by the culture and people. Positioning must reflect the brand experience. Whether a customer walks into a branch to make a deposit, or calls to check on their account, the visual and verbal brand must resonate.

Bottom line? It works.

From banks to credit unions to a financial ministry, our clients have achieved new recognition in their markets. They’ve grown assets, added accounts, created new customers, introduced successful new services and opened new branches. That's financial marketing that works.

… and I just wanted to take a minute to thank the Creative Company for all your exceptional: Design. Layout. Organization. Patience. Vision. Partnership. Traveling. Emails. Patience. Creativity. Inventiveness. Ingenuity. Did I mention patience? You’re all doing an awesome job!

Bonnie Larson, Marketing Director, SELCO Community Credit Union

Each financial marketing program and brand we’ve created steps out from the expected, is visually persuasive and builds on the essential story of service and relationships to establish consistency, visibility, value and trust.

Ready to capture new customers?

Whether an audit and brand guidelines or a complete brand refresh and ongoing campaigns, you’ll see the results of our deep thinking, audience-focused strategy and extraordinary creative solutions.

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Working with Creative Company has been such a rewarding experience, especially in these early planning stages. They are an invaluable strategic partner with great ideas for improving our marketing effectiveness.

Dave Daniels, General Manager, Smartway Advisors