• This higher education brand refresh for Corban University focused on targeting the right students.
  • This higher education brand refresh for Corban University included a new viewbook.
  • This higher education brand refresh for Corban University included an updated viewbook.
  • This higher education brand refresh for Corban University was carried through onto their website.


CLIENTCorban University

MARKETPrivate Christian university

PROGRAMRecruitment support

Targeted to the right students.

Corban University needed focused and targeted messaging to reach potential students. A new viewbook with fresh, targeted content was designed to maintain a visual connection to existing materials.


A small, private Christian university in Salem, Oregon.


Potential undergraduate students and their parents; high school counselors and other referral sources.


Corban University had established a design system for their recruitment suite, but realized the content and message was not engaging potential students. The goal — create a new viewbook to generate more response while visually connecting with existing communications. In addition, deliver a strong sense of place while attracting students to the Corban story and philosophy. Create more visual impact with larger photos, define content flow and support key messages with stories and testimonials.


Creative Company conducted a focus group with admission counselors to pinpoint areas where Corban excels; identify ideas and details valued by a potential student; and discuss ways to improve visual clarity. Reviewing the recruitment process and auditing all materials also identified gaps in current publications.

Essential topics — academics, outcomes, mission trips, campus and location, costs — were identified by spread, beginning with an overview on a fold-out page to add impact. An oversized publication was chosen to accommodate larger photos. Faculty and student quotes added warmth and created different layers of information to break up text.

Two spreads were added for additional content on majors and programs, which eliminated a second publication and saved costs. Headlines and copy focused on the reader and included a strong call to action on each page. Readers were guided to the website for additional details.


  • Focus group to identify specific issues to address in the new viewbook
  • Planning to identify format, flow and content by spread
  • Photography recommendations and review
  • Design, layout and final production of the viewbook
  • Support the transition to Corban University
  • Develop web page layouts to echo the viewbook look and tone


The final book integrates with the existing recruitment suite while adding a stronger marketing message that focuses on Corban attributes and philosophy. Corban has seen the increased response they were looking for.

We have been impressed with how much detail is available to students while still giving a fun, attractive look. These have been a great piece for us to show off our campus, while getting the necessary information to prospective students.

—Rachel Lee, Admissions, Corban University
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