• A rename and rebrand brought recognition to Job Growers.
  • A rename and rebrand meant a new logo and new name for Job Growers.
  • A rename and rebrand meant new branded marketing materials.
  • A rename and rebrand meant a completely new stationary system and templates for Job Growers.
  • A rename and rebrand included a presentation of the new and improved Job Growers brand.


CLIENTJob Growers Incorporated

MARKETPrivate/Public Non-Profit

PROGRAMRename, messaging and brand identity

From confusion to clarity.

A concise, clear messaging hierarchy guided a rename and brand promise. Rebrand followed. Board members and staff raised awareness of services.


Managing and distributing workforce investment funds in a public/private partnership for Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties in Oregon.


Tri-county area employers, job seekers and business community.


The Enterprise for Employment and Education was not recognized for the scope of business and training services provided, or the value of their work in three counties. Staff and board members couldn’t describe the organization and its contribution. People couldn’t remember the name, or understand what it meant. A new name and brand was needed to add clarity.

The complex organization provides a wealth of services — from labor market analysis to industry-focused business consortia to managing grants for workforce training. They were also expanding services by taking over management of the State of Oregon’s Worksource Oregon employment outreach centers in the three counties.


Led by Creative Company, discussion yielded the inherent purpose — to support economic vitality in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties by increasing the number of quality jobs. Meetings with staff and the board established the audiences and the breadth of services. Continued discussion and refinement framed key messages into positioning, and then a messaging hierarchy that distinguished the organization’s unique services and values.

Name choices were researched for availability and presented to the board and staff. The final name chosen reflects the organization’s core purpose. Supported by the brand promise — cultivating better jobs for more people — and a fresh identity system, the organization is now noticed, recognized and remembered for their value to the community.


  • Strategic definition to identify market niche and key benefits
  • Positioning to clarify purpose and results
  • Messaging architecture to distinguish the brand promise and core messages and establish a foundation for communication
  • Name development, research and presentation
  • Brand identity design and standards
  • Stationery system and templates
  • Website planning


The Job Growers’ board and staff can now describe what they do using a name people remember. The name is easy to remember and share, and the new stationery system presents a professional, forward-thinking organization. The name opens doors to further discussion — “how do you grow jobs?” — allowing everyone to easily describe the many services provided.


  • Rename and New Identity: Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, 2012, Business to Business Service Category: Silver

Our local Workforce Investment Act organization is a labyrinth of multifaceted funding streams, services and resources and unfortunately our name reflected that complexity. Creative Co. and Jennifer distilled the intricacy of our organization and helped us focus our message to reveal a better expression of important services.

Our new name brilliantly reflects our work and our mission. Jennifer is a true professional and an extraordinary communicator. She knows how to work with stakeholders to get the message right.

Our new name and brand message has given the staff, the board, our business partners and, most importantly, our customers laser light clarity of our organization’s valuable services.

—Jody Christensen, McMinnville Economic Development Partnership, Job Growers Incorporated board member
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