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Marketing strategies must constantly change to match perceptions and how and where your audiences choose to take action. Our programs focus on your marketing objectives and your audiences. You'll see results.

As a marketing agency with more than 35 years of tracking what works, rely on our experience, skills, deep thinking, abundant creativity and fresh approach.

Choose the program that fits your marketing objectives

Is something missing in your marketing program? Perhaps your brand is out of date. Or the old way of marketing doesn't work any more. Or it's time to reach new audiences and increase response. Or people don't understand who you are and what you offer.

Audit? Rebrand or rename? Marketing training? Online branding? We’ll work with you to create a customized and effective strategy that achieves your marketing objectives.

  • Start with a brand audit—to discover where you are now. Or move to a marketing blueprint to define what's possible, what to leverage and how to be more effective.
  • Is it tough to explain what you offer and why you're a better choice? Messaging hierarchy expresses who you are. It's the verbal brand.
  • Perhaps your identity system or marketing materials are tired and out of date? A brand refresh or rebrand will lift you above the crowd and inspire new recognition.
  • Confusion around who you are? Consolidating multiple companies and names? A new name and new brand will solidify your focus and move you forward.
  • Do you have one look in print and another look and tone online? We'll synchronize the visual and verbal brand for an online brand strategy that draws in new visitors and compels response.
  • When everyone on your team is doing their own version of the brand, it may be time for an internal brand program. Messaging, posters and templates will get everyone on board.
  • Your people bring your brand to life. Brand training clarifies objectives and purpose. Tools, templates and workshops will streamline consistency.
  • When in-house marketers are buried with projects and there’s no time for “big picture” thinking, it’s time to bring in a marketing mentor. An experienced guide prioritizes, defines strategies and adds insight to help in-house marketers and managers be more effective.

You tell us. Where are the gaps? What’s working and what’s not?

It’s a fast-paced, rapidly changing world. New marketing tactics, new communication channels, more changes every day. Count on us as your marketing partner. We're on top of what’s possible. And we focus on what works for the audiences you seek to reach to meet your marketing objectives.

Check out our work. Read the accolades from clients. Then let’s talk. Give us a jingle toll-free 866.363.4433 or drop us an email.

Whether you’re here in Oregon or in another time zone, we can work together.

What are your marketing objectives


Yes it [rebranding] was scary. But I always reminded myself that I’ve hired Creative Company because I believe they’re the best for this project and I trust their expertise… Now, looking back, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Jody Christensen, Executive Director, McMinnville Economic Development Partnership