• A rebrand and food packaging design for these pies speak to shoppers.
  • Willamette Valley Fruit Co, rebrand and new food packaging for pies.
  • The new food packing for these pies are distinctive with their hand-crafted look.
  • New food packaging distinguishes
  • New food packaging makes it clear these particular pies are
  • This rebrand was carried throughout the food packaging as well as sales packets and stationary.


CLIENTWillamette Valley Fruit Co.

MARKETPremium produce

PROGRAMBrand refresh

Tasty branding for pie packaging.

With a new logo and redesigned boxes, Willamette Valley Fruit Co. experienced increased sales, brand recognition and product loyalty.

Willamette Valley Fruit Co. loves to test out different kinds of marketing!


Premium frozen fruit and berries, handmade pies and cobblers from a grower-owned company in Salem, Oregon.


Consumers of frozen fruit and pies in grocery and farm stand retail outlets; retail buyers.


Communicate the product’s premium, hand-crafted quality with a food packaging design system that woos the consumer and stands out on the shelf. Build sales materials with the same natural look.


Created an upscale new brand program incorporating distinctive, brown kraft pie packaging. Sales packet and stationery echo the same natural, hand-crafted look. Added “conversation” to the food packaging design and visually distinguished “Oven-Free” cream pies from “Ready to Bake” frozen pies.


  • Logo design
  • Packaging for two pie boxes
  • Label design system
  • Stationery package
  • Sales packet including folder and sell sheets
  • Packaging/labels for mini-pies


Award-winning identity and package design; 33% increase in sales within the first six months; a big increase in brand recognition and product loyalty. The company grew and spun off the pies as Willamette Valley Pie Co. 

Our natural, homemade look stands out amidst everyone else’s glossy print and fancy picture style. And customers are making that brand connection between all of our products. We’ve seen a 33% increase in sales due in part to the new brand.

—Jeff Dunn, Sales Manager, Willamette Valley Fruit Company

Clearly this new pie packaging is quite an update... Which would you choose?


  • New Identity, Stationery, Sales Kit and Packaging: ReBrand 100 Awards, 2007: Merit
  • Pie Boxes: International Davey Awards, 2006, Packaging Campaign: Silver
  • Folder and Sell Sheets: International Davey Awards, 2006, Promotional Sales Kit: Silver
  • Logo/Stationery Design: International Davey Awards, 2005: Silver

This new pie packaging made it clear this is an Oregon made product.

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We’ve seen some great growth over the past few years … and a lot of that goes back to the initial branding/logo/sales materials you guys did for us. You certainly gave us a substantial framework to build from. We will always be grateful for the collaboration!

Deborah Moen, Marketing Executive, Willamette Valley Fruit Co