Creative Company is a branding agency in historic downtown McMinnville, Oregon.

Branding in McMinnville, Oregon.

Yes, our town is known for outstanding restaurants, numerous wineries, historic charm ... and branding. Mac draws accolades, visitors and fans from around the country. 

And it drew Creative Company

Founded in Salem, Oregon’s capital city, Creative Company moved to downtown McMinnville early in 2001. The location meant a shorter commute for Jennifer, who lives about 20 minutes out of town.

But most importantly, it put Creative Company into a charming Craftsman house just steps away from McMinnville’s thriving downtown. In 2016 we moved to the little cottage behind the fence behind that Craftsman house.

726-fourth-branding-cc-folio-1000x463-3The house is now a beautiful vacation rental, just a block from McMinnville's famous Third Street. 

Creative Company has gone virtual. Yet there are plenty of great spots to meet with our clients and collaborators in both McMinnville and Salem.

We’re members of the McMinnville Area Chamber and the McMinnville Downtown Association. We created the Taste Mac campaign for wine and culinary tourism in 2015. We've worked with an outstanding local programmer to build many of our websites. And we’ve developed messaging architecture and a website for the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership, whose brand promise is:

Exceptional performance. Enviable lifestyle. All here.

What can we say? We love McMinnville!

It’s a delightful and welcoming community far from big-city crowds and traffic snarls, yet accessible to both Portland and Salem. The surrounding fields, vineyards and orchards are remarkably beautiful. And there’s an established culture dedicated to fine food and wine.

What else?

  • Home of the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • The site for the WORLD'S LARGEST alien festival, because of a 1950 flying saucer photo that has never been disproved
  • The location of the International Pinot Noir Festival, drawing attendees from around the world to the Linfield College campus
  • Oregon’s favorite main street — Third Street — is a national model for downtown vitality and has won numerous awards

Local resources provide excellent services — from the latest in internet and wireless technology, to an authentic letterpress shop a block away, to one of our favorite local lunch spots — The Sage — a brief stroll down famed Third Street. Looking for dining recommendations from a dedicated foodie? Talk to Jennifer!

Branding in McMinnville, Oregon ... who could ask for more? Perfect place to meet, plenty of resources and a delightful town.

Okay, enough already? Interested? Let's meet in McMinnville! 

A bit more of Creative Company’s history in both Salem and McMinnville can be found here. Including some “historic” photos of the founders! Give us a call to schedule a visit, or just for local restaurant recommendations!


I wanted a company that focused on branding. Not an ad agency per se, but a branding group. It's easy to find someone to design a logo or create an ad, but I wanted a branding agency. My experience with Jennifer … sold me on her ability to take the mundane and breathe life into it. C'mon, telephone companies definitely fall under the mundane.