• A rebrand and rename builds recognition for this garbage company.
  • Fleet graphics for the garbage trucks are made to showcase the rebrand and rename.
  • The rebrand and rename for this garbage company is translated onto all marketing materials.
  • Even garbage companies can use a rebrand and rename!


CLIENTWestern Oregon Waste (WOW)

MARKETGarbage service

PROGRAMBrand system

Making house calls with WOW!

Staff from all divisions became unified under centralized messaging and embraced the new brand identity. Overwhelming response and recognition within the community was fueled by bright, engaging messaging on fleet vehicles.


Family-owned garbage franchises with different names in different communities in Oregon.


Residential and business customers in Oregon communities; city or county government agencies that grant and manage franchises.


Develop one name and brand identity to clarify communications and save costs for all of the franchises from McMinnville to the Pacific Coast, by ordering common truck graphics and other materials. Create visibility for the company around the 75th anniversary. Eliminate confusion of multiple names in different regions.

From old to new: A rebrand and rename builds recognition for this garbage company.


Build a splashy, high visibility design system around the owner-selected name: Western Oregon Waste, or WOW. Design trucks to stand out and create a powerful brand image. Unify the brand on materials from Ad cans at events to signing to truck graphics and garbage cans. Create a comic book look and modular identity that works in multiple applications. Create the WOW Man character to communicate services in the WOW Town News. Create sub-brands for the Recovery Zone (recycling center) and Greenlands.

A rebrand and rename meant new fleet graphics for this garbage company.A rebrand and rename was showcased in this garbage company's newsletter.


  • Name consulting
  • Identity system design
  • Fleet graphics for garbage trucks and transfer trailers
  • Stationery system
  • Sub-brand design system
  • Newsletter design and writing — WOW Town News
  • Brochures


Cost savings with common materials for all locations. Huge increase in staff enthusiasm and support for company initiatives. Established the foundation for providing a “WOW!” level of service. Great community acceptance and positive response. Streamlined communications with franchise overseers.

A rebrand and rename can make a huge difference... Even for a garbage company.


  • WOW Town News: The Portland Club Gallery of Supreme Printing, 2005, Newsletter: Gold
A rebrand and rename for this garbage company included a new addition: WOW Man!

At the time, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to make the investment in re-branding KE Enterprises as Western Oregon Waste. But given the success of WOW, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Our new brand has had a major impact on our business. Now we have a big, bright, positive presence in the communities we serve. WOW has become a rallying point and morale-booster for our staff. And the brand makes it easier to meet with city councils about franchise agreements and rates because they already have a sense of who we are.

—Joe Cook, Chief Financial Officer, Western Oregon Waste
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