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Marketing changes. Again.

It's 2019, what will work now?

Today's marketing is splintered, digitally-driven, online and offline. Yet it's always new ... SEO is important, but now there's voice search. Mobile first for your website. Authenticity is vital. Video captures more views and attention. And it’s even harder to choose how to connect with the right people—those who want what you offer.

Are you wondering how to bring in more leads? Reach new audiences? Get bigger results from your website? Thinking rebrand or brand refresh? Or looking for a strategy to open new markets and reach new audiences? 

Your visual and verbal brand must demand attention, express your value, and compel response. All at a glance.

Design—your visual brand—is the start. Messaging—your verbal brand— is essential to answer “what’s in it for me?” from your audiences’ point of view. Your positioning drives both, and guides your tactics. Choose an experienced partner to guide your success. Look deeper at our work and client reviews.

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Rebranding demands accurate positioning, smart messaging and exceptional design.


Positioning clarifies how you’re different from others, what your audiences want and expect, and defines the value they receive. Get your guide to positioning here. 


Messaging hierarchy expresses positioning and introduces key ideas to your audiences, in their terms. You’ll be understood. Get your guide to messaging, your verbal brand, here. 


Your identity system is the visual brand. Your logo, a visual vocabulary and guidelines create a memorable persona. Start with your audiences, download a worksheet here. 

Our experience and creative know-how will deliver what you’re seeking.
Recognition. Clarity. Higher perceived value. Bottom line growth.

The logo is your brand’s thumbprint

Logos we’ve created to establish the identity system for a rebrand or brand refresh. To see the “before,” click to flip.

  • The results are always the same Above and beyond anything you could ever hope or imagine.  
    —Kevin Kutcher, Canby Telcom
    The new website saved the sales team so much time, because people had many of their questions already answered on the home page. 
    —Merissa Burleigh, Salem Convention Center
  • Cascade Employers Association is a delighted client of Creative Company! My favorite thing about working with them is their attention to detail and ability to ask the right questions, and then to listen.
    —Gayle Klampe, Cascade Employers Association
    Our website is beautiful, current, fresh and viewer-friendly. We’re even ranking much higher for important search terms.
    —Judith Huck, Classique Floors + Tile
  • From logo redesign, to key messaging, to incorporating our core competencies into every aspect, Creative Company’s work has taken us to the next level of marketing success.
    —Gayle Klampe, Cascade Employers Association
    And customers are making that brand connection between all of our products. We've seen a 33% increase in sales ...
    —Jeff Dunn, Willamette Valley Fruit Co.
  • Five years after starting my consulting business, I knew that my messaging needed focus and clarity and that's exactly what Creative Company delivered!
    —Donna Catalano, Eastlake Solutions
    Jennifer and the Creative Company team developed a branding package that was affordable, powerful, and has made a big difference in the identity of my business!
    —Jim Wilburn, Orlando Construction