New business names bring clarity, focus, and energy to a reinvented brand.

Reinvent with a new name and brand.

Your company name could be confusing, too narrow, or just plain out of date. Rename to bring clarity, focus and energy to your reinvention.

Why rename your organization?

An out of date company name can limit opportunities, especially when you're expanding into new markets. Or perhaps the business has changed and a new company name will better reflect who you are and what you offer. Mergers and buyouts often require a fresh company name.

  • Western Oregon Waste renamed to WOW to consolidate multiple subsidiaries, each with different names, and save costs. But the biggest impact was the boost of enthusiasm with their employees.
  • As the Enterprise for Employment and Education, board members couldn't explain what the organization was about. But when we renamed them to Job Growers, the purpose was clear.

Company names are the first public act of branding. A fresh company name can separate you from competitors; demonstrate to the world what's unique; or reinforce a niche or position you want to own. You can also simplify a long name (FedEx from Federal Express), or bring an old name up to date.

  • A growing wholesale food broker found "Cascade Fruit & Nut" was too limiting. We gave them a new name and brand as foodguys to support their friendly style. They're now brokering food ingredients globally and growing fast.
  • A technology support company had to distinguish themselves from former partners, and make a stand for their services. We renamed and rebranded them from Xenex Group to Thought Velocity.
  • An RV dealership needed a fresh company name. The old "Wine Country RV" was too close to other names nearby. They wanted personality. Waterdog RV was born.

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Successful company names build a brand persona from the brand positioning. The new name quickly creates recognition and defines a focus. It's a chance to reinforce the value provided to the target audiences.

With a new name comes a new brand identity system. Yes, we do that too. Really well.

Learn more about the branding process and the critical phases to achieve successfrom audit to launch. 

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At the time, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to make the investment in re-branding KE Enterprises as Western Oregon Waste. But given the success of WOW, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Our new brand has had a major impact on our business. Now we have a big, bright, positive presence ... WOW has become a rallying point and morale-booster for our staff.

Joe Cook, Chief Financial Officer, Western Oregon Waste
Thanks for all your hard work on the name change. It was a bit like herding cats, but we seem to have gotten where we want to be … thanks again for shepherding us through the process. We’d still be bogged down in delirium if you hadn’t given it shape and direction. 
Ken Fosheim, CEO, CCI Enterprises/Exceed