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CLIENTMcMinnville Economic Development Partnership (MEDP)

MARKETBusiness in McMinnville seeking resources; National site selectors searching for a good fit

PROGRAMWebsite development and identity redesign

This B2B website informs, engages and directs visitors.

MEDP had established messaging and identified their target audiences when we began their business to business (B2B) website. The site’s goalbe a central resource for business in McMinnville while setting McMinnville apart from other communities.

In the world of economic development there is a need for detailed information—from grant resources to population and employment statistics to available properties. Many B2B websites promoting economic development are boxy, cluttered and difficult to navigate. Our goal was to create a site to show McMinnville's character at first glance and deliver needed information in an accessible and inviting layout.

MEDP provides resources to help businesses locate to McMinnville, start or expand their business, or recruit and hire. MEDP’s is the one call for any business interested in the “exceptional performance and enviable lifestyle” offered by Mac (the insider’s name for McMinnville).

Founded on messaging architecture

Creative Company had already led the organization through a messaging process to identify ideas critical to the target audiences. This messaging architecture became the foundation for planning content, navigation and information flow.

In collaboration with the client team, we agreed on content and roles. MEDP had already collected a library of top quality photos—essential to the visual story.

Clear and direct navigation to top level categories

The site’s layout follows the content outline, defining a top level “category” page for each of the central call to action tiles on the home page: LOCATE, START, EXPAND, HIRE.

The category pages compile links—in a series of easy to read and use tiles—to all of the website’s resources relevant to that topic. Rather than forcing visitors to scroll through multiple menus, we created a quick, visual connection to specific information in just a few clicks.

Easy to read with bold visual cues

Large text, easy to see topic tiles, linked photos and speech bubbles highlight content from testimonials to case studies to specific facts and figures.

Layered navigation also keeps the focus on the four main categories. It provides quick access to an information-rich site. The tone of copy is engaging and conversational while building on the messaging: Exceptional performance. Enviable lifestyle. All here.

The site is built on a local programmer’s system to provide ready support, ease of use by MEDP staff, and continuous security.

But the logo needed an update

We knew this website would have long-term impact and be a critical point of choice for the brand and organization. However, the existing identity system was out of date and didn’t fit the messaging.

brand refresh

As part of the web development we built in a new logo design using a simple type treatment chosen to distinguish “McMinnville” and emphasize “Partnership”—the essential focus of the organization.

Rave reviews continue

Launched in January, 2015, the new website quickly gained buzz and recognition.

Regional economic development groups and city leadership contacted Jody Christensen, MEDP’s Executive Director, with comments such as: “Great economic development website that just went live. Excellent work!! You set the bar pretty high.” 

Jody noted she no longer needs to create PowerPoint presentations—she just uses the website to tell the MEDP story and present their resources. And she recently commented, “we continue to get rave reviews.”

We say this B2B website has been a resounding success.


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I’ve had people tell me it’s visually compelling and unexpected … Someone even said he read every page! When is the last time you sat down and went through every page on a website?

Jody Christensen, Executive Director, MEDP






I have just gone through the new website and all I can say is IMPRESSIVE! Wow, do you guys and Creative Company have the message and content just right. This is one of the best newer websites I have come across in a while … I am very thankful that we have both of you on our side and with us. McMinnville would not be what it is without MEDP ...

Rick Olson, Mayor, City of McMinnville