• Pacific University direct mail targets natural science programs.
  • Pacific University direct mail, a few options, targets natural science programs.
  • Pacific University direct mail, a few options, targets natural science programs.


CLIENTPacific University

MARKETPrivate university

PROGRAMRecruitment support

Simple, direct and compelling.


Pacific University needed a quick overview, mini-viewbook to reach potential students interested in a career based on natural sciences.


A private university in Forest Grove, Oregon.


High school students and their parents; high school counselors and other referral sources.


A common question asked at college fairs was “I want to be a CSI, what programs do you have?” Pacific wanted to increase enrollment in their natural sciences programs.

The goal — create a self-mailer brochure to highlight Pacific’s natural sciences programs and the hands on experience that leads to interesting careers. Emphasize the details that impress potential students — commitment to green, successful alums, opportunities to explore different science-based occupations.


Working closely with the Director of Admission, we agreed on a unique format that unfolded to reveal key communication points tied to science-based careers. Titled “How will your life unfold?” the reader was drawn through various examples of research, hands on studies and science and medical programs at Pacific. Lists of graduates, their majors and current jobs were supported by important facts, an overview of financial aid and scholarships and highlights of Pacific University.

As a compact, easy to read piece that touched on essential decision points, this piece was useful at college fairs to reach a specific group of students and as a direct mail piece to inquiries. It provided highlights and enough information for prospective students to look further at Pacific’s programs when they were interested in specific professions.


  • Content planning and messaging
  • Design, writing and layout
  • Production and print management


The tight deadline was met and the project successful in increasing the number of students exploring careers based on the natural science programs offered by Pacific University.

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