Brand positioning is visual and verbal.

Instead of being seen as another apple in a barrel of apples, be unique. Be you. When a brand is well positioned, audiences understand and recognize what it stands for, where it fits and why it's the best choice. 

It's not just a logo, it's a brand identity system.

Visual elements in the brand identity—fonts, colors, logo or mark—work together to create an impression, a sense of your brand's personality, to visually define the brand. Over time they establish the direction and create a recognized style to communicate your brand's positioning.

  • Colors, fonts, visual style, imagery and supporting graphic elements create the brand identity system.

Consistency carries the visual system from ads to online presentation, from mailers to signing, vehicle graphics to social media. 

It's not a tagline, it's a brand promise.

Your core statements of value, your promise to the buyer or end customer, are essential components of messaging architecture, also critical to brand positioning. Your messaging hierarchy is the baseline for all communications; the statement of what your company, product or service stand for; what's provided; what the customer/user can expect.

  • The brand promise, positioning statement, value proposition and key messages describe your brand's context in words that are easy to remembersimple, without fluff, and shareable.

Brand positioning is verified and expressed by the brand identity design and messaging. These elements work together as the foundation for all marketing and as the visual and verbal brand.

  • Effective brand identity design begins with positioning.
  • Powerful messaging expands on the brand's positioning.
  • Successful marketing is founded on clear positioning.
  • Profitable rebranding is guided by authentic positioning.

Brand positioning guides all your marketing.

Positioning creates clarity. It separates you from others in your category. It gives your audiences a reason to choose you. It appeals to the right people. It expresses your purpose, your "reason to be."

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Thinking about a rebrand?

We start with positioning to define who you are, how you want to be perceived and what you want your audiences to know.

Positioning is an essential element of the branding process. Learn more about the stages of branding process herefrom audit to launch.

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The work we have done with Creative Company to evaluate and reposition our organization and distill our messages from our audience’s point of view has been extremely valuable. ... Our staff loves our fresh approach, is focused on the future, and confidently reinforces the value we deliver to our members.

Patrice Altenhofen, President Cascade Employers Association