Strategic Definition guides positioning, the visual and verbal brand.

Strategic definition = fit and scope.

Defining where you are now, who you need to reach, what’s working and what’s not will guide the program. Incorporating short- and long-term goals will establish your strategic definition.

Where are you now?

Where does the organization and brand fit in the category? Which audiences must be reached? What are current perceptions and mis-perceptions of the brand? What communications are in place? What’s working? What’s not?

What’s changing?

What are trends in your category? How are audiences changing? What impact are the economy or technology changes having? What local, regional, national or global events could affect you? What’s the competition up to? What other issues could affect the organization and how you do business?

Where do you want to go?

What are the short-term and long-term goals? Are you still “the best kept secret” but don’t want to be? What are growth plans? How is the workforce? Where should the brand be in five years, ten years?

In the strategic definition phase we’ll assess and evaluate the brand as it is now, and discuss what the goals are for the next year, five years or ten years.

  • Market research: Determine where you fit in your industry or category. Review trends affecting the goals and strategy.
  • Brand audit/interviews: Assess the current communication channels and tactics. Find out what audiences think or know about the organization, product or service.
  • Long-term review: Describe the goals and objectives for the organization or product.
  • Audience analysis: Define and create profiles for the targeted audiences. How are they reached now? Decide how and where to best connect with both internal and external audiences. Consider generational perspectives, brand history and communication channels.

We’ll review available research, conduct research if needed, implement a brand audit and meet with the leadership team to discuss challenges, issues and possibilities.

Strategic positioning defines the next steps

This is the time to establish the foundation from which to build. By establishing the scope of the brand we’ll build a road map for positioning and implementation.

Thoughtful observation, internal scrutiny and probing inquiry will reveal insight to guide the positioning and planning. Leadership can look back on what worked and look forward to new ideas and opportunities. 

Begin with a leadership planning meeting

We’ll guide the strategic definition process to uncover who you could be, and we’ll map out how to get there.

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I appreciate your solid and knowledgeable advice when it comes to steering our marketing decisions. From new product development through scale-up to market launch, your advice at the CEO level helps us avoid marketing disasters and sets a course for higher profits. Your input is definitely the highest quality.

Steve Smith, CEO
Tec Laboratories