• Brand and food packagin design: Kona beef jerky folio
  • A new label in this brand and food packaging design system make for a cohesive relationship between Kona Specialty Meats and Paniolo Provisioners.
  • A new label in this brand and food packaging design system make for a cohesive relationship between Paniolo Provisioners and Kona Specialty Meats.
  • New labels are used for the packaging design: Gift box.
  • New labels are used Kona Specialty Meats: Italian sausage.


CLIENTKona Specialty Meats/Paniolo Provisioners

MARKETConsumers and tourists

PROGRAMBrands, packaging and sales materials

Building new sales for Hawaiian beef.


A co-op of Hawaiian cattle ranchers needed a brand system to reflect the authentic quality of their beef jerky and specialty meat products, while sharing the paniolo story with consumers.


Cooperative of Hawaiian cattle ranchers marketing value-added, proprietary beef products for grocery sales and specialty and gift stores.


Tourists looking for gifts; local residents looking for local beef products; retail buyers


To create a higher profit margin, value-added beef products had been created for retail sales by a co-op of Hawaiian ranchers. Two product lines — refrigerated grocery products under the Kona Specialty Meats name, and beef jerky under the Paniolo Provisioners name — needed two separate, yet related identity systems. Food packaging design that distinguished the products was essential. Knowing that tourists are a large percentage of consumers in the Islands, a three-flavor jerky gift pack was chosen to reach this lucrative market. To spark interest and connect the products to the story of Hawaiian ranching, a consumer information piece was needed.


Synchronization of the look and feel of these two brands was vital in developing brand loyalty and evoking authenticity. A design system suggesting historic woodcuts created a distinctive, handcrafted look tied to the history of cattle ranching in Hawaii. A unique corrugated tent box was designed to hold three packages of three flavors of jerky and the consumer booklet to tell the story of Hawaii’s paniolos (cowboys). A sell sheet for retail buyers supported the Kona Specialty Meats sausages and burgers.


Using historic photos of actual Hawaiian ranchers, and telling the history of ranching in Hawaii, the labels, sell sheet and consumer brochure added value to each presentation. The unique size and shape of the corrugated gift package stood out on the shelf and gave tourists an elegant gift to share. An easy-to-use label system for the Kona Specialty Meats refrigerated beef products echoed the style of the beef jerky packaging, creating a unified brand for all products.


  • Brand identity design for both Kona Specialty Meats and Paniolo Provisioners
  • Label design system for Kona Specialty Meats
  • Design and story for a brochure to tell the Hawaiian ranching story
  • Design and sourcing for the tent box gift box with label
  • Design, copy and sales messages for the retail buyers sell sheet


An immediate order for 900 pounds of beef jerky placed based on the gift pack alone. Broad placement and sales success in gourmet, gift and specialty foods markets. Wide acceptance in local grocery chains for the refrigerated products.

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