The logo design is the brand's thumbprint.

Logo design is just one part of a cohesive brand identity system. It's the visual symbol that establishes the persona.

Great company logos are quickly recognized and easily remembered. A new logo is always needed for a new company name, but it's often part of a brand refresh or brand redesign. Logo designs must reflect the brand character and positioning of an organization or product.

Here’s a gallery of just a few of our logo designs for your review.

  • Anderson Voice company logo refresh

    To be quickly recognized, we refreshed the logo, created the brand promise, updated the website and designed eye-catching vehicles.

  • CanbyTelcom new company logo

    Following a name change, we created the new logo. The new look helped the local company compete with large corporate providers. MORE >

  • Capitol Auto company logo refresh

    Capitol Auto Group needed a fresh take on their big “C” identity. This modern badge works for each dealership and the whole group.

  • Cherriots company logo refresh

    When it was time to update the logo for Salem’s bus system, we transformed the identity from a blocky, tired look to a fresh and playful style.

  • Forest Grove Lumber new company logo

    The rebrand for Forest Grove Lumber included a new identity system, designed to reach an audience of design-focused architects. MORE >

  • First Federal new company logo

    First Federal’s image was inconsistent. We updated the recognized mark and identity system, and added the brand promise as part of the brand.

  • Fly Salem company logo refresh

    First Federal’s image was inconsistent. We updated the recognized mark and identity system, and added the brand promise as part of the brand. MORE >

  • New company logo for food guys

    foodguys is a broker who matches suppliers with food manufacturers. Formerly Cascade Fruit and Nut, we renamed them to foodguys.

  • Gormley Plumbing company logo refresh

    This refresh to the Gormley Plumbing identity uses an up-to-date, bolder font and keeps the blue drop of water with the green surround.

  • HomeRun Heating company logo refresh

    Company owners want to be recommended for a high level of service and have every visit be a “homerun.” And they love baseball!

  • Job Growers company logo refresh

    Job Growers conducts economic research and manages workforce investment funds in three Oregon counties to cultivate more jobs. MORE >

  • Lending Outlet company logo refresh

    This division of SELCO Community Credit Union was designed to help people with poor or no credit obtain loans and improve their credit rating.

  • First Federal company logo refresh

    This grower and packer of fresh and frozen berries wanted an elegant, upscale identity to emphasize their premium quality.

  • Oregon Family Fruit Company logo refresh

    The illustrated diamond logo was created as part of a complete label update to emphasize the “friendly family fruit company” positioning.

  • Paniolo Provisioners company logo refresh

    The Hawaiian rancher’s co-op named their new beef jerky Paniolo Provisioners, using the Hawaiian name for a cowboy.

  • Peggy Knight company logo refresh

    Peggy Knight crafts beautiful, natural wigs for those with alopecia or medical hair loss. The identity showed elegance and flow.

  • Pumilite company logo refresh

    We rebranded this distributor of pavers and brick to Pumilite Masonry + Hardscape Products, to focus on their personalized service.

  • Reliance Connects company logo refresh

    The new name repositioned Cascade Utilities for the telecommunications services they offer. The identity design helped them tell their story.

  • Roth HVAC company logo refresh

    The bold logo for Roth Heating and Cooling kicked off a new growth phase helped them capture major commercial work.

  • Trashco new company logo

    This mark for a commercial garbage company was designed to emphasize Trashco’s best practices and smart, green methodologies.

  • WaterDog new company logo

    We renamed Wine Country RV to Waterdog RV and created a memorable mascot. He’s easy to see and keeps the company top of mind. MORE >

  • Western Oregon Waste new company logo

    The goal was to unify multiple companies under one name. The owner chose Western Oregon Waste so he could be WOW. MORE >

  • Willamette Valley Fruit Company new logo

    This co-op of Oregon growers produces frozen pies, cobblers and fruit. The logo design and package we created have helped the company grow. MORE >

  • Live United new company logo.jpg

    This visual system added a “the Power of 5” theme to the national LIVE UNITED brand. The goal is to create attention and action. MORE >

  • Classique Floors + Tile Logo

    With one of the best tile selections in Portland, OR Classique Floors wanted to expand and update their identity to better express all that they offer.

  • Orlando Construction Logo

    With their 55th birthday around the corner Orlando Construction decided it was time that their brand identity reflected the company they are now.

  • Estacada Logo

    The city of Estacada was in desperate need of a consistent identity that showcases what makes the town unique. The river flowing through Estacada with a paintbrush style does just that.

  • MBO Connect Logo

    Pottawatomie Telephone Company needed a name and logo that better expressed all of the connection services they now offer.

  • Tastemac Logo

    The Tastemac logo and associated tourism campaign used elements that embody the sophisticated, playful nature of downtown McMinnville, OR, a place locals loving call Mac.

  • Martin Group Logo

    In an industry as competitive as real estate, Martin Group needed a brand that worked within the Berkshire Hathaway brand standards but also stood out against the competition.