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Visually active and engaging publications tell a unique story, offer a strong sense of place, and reach teens who don’t want to read. The school’s brand is reinforced. Ideas connect with those looking for what’s offered. Applications rise.

Student recruitment that works.

Higher education marketing must connect with teens being bombarded with a ginormous number of choices. The brand must entice further study.

Academic rigor and prestige. A great location. Or just the chance to play, grow and learn. Which students want what your school offers?

It’s tough to get noticed in clogged mailboxes or in the flurry of online options. And it’s even tougher to connect with the right students to increase applications and yield.

Student recruitment that’s true to the DNA

The brand must be true to the institution’s DNA while reaching teens with attitude and parents who remain involved. The institutional brand must be bold for new students, and still connect with alums. We build brands and student recruitment suites with scope, texture, depth and appeal.

Working with Creative Company incorporates both the strategic leadership and energy I enjoy when planning our marketing efforts and publications. Each and every meeting is productive and fun; I always look forward to where our conversations will take us.

Lisa Knodle-Bragiel, Director of Admission, Linfield College

Get more from a fixed budget

Integrating a consistent look and system into a suite of student recruitment publications—while minimizing printing costs—is a skill we’ve mastered. And by integrating the content of traditional print marketing into the digital brand, our programs deliver a higher return on the budget.

A broader view

Look beyond the education category with us. Step out of the “me too” materials. After all, students are being bombarded daily by thousands of messages from sources outside of the higher education category. Our diverse industry experience lends a fresh perspective to an integrated higher education marketing program.

More applications? A higher student profile? A bit of envy from your peers? You got it. Along with accolades and industry awards for our work in higher education marketing.

Award-winning higher education marketing includes:

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Rebrand from update to reinvention
  • Brand identity design and implementation
  • Brand expansion and guidelines
  • Recruitment suite planning, design
  • Direct mail teasers and postcards
  • Viewbook content, design, production
  • Magazine writing, layout, production
  • Photography planning and direction
  • Market research collaboration
  • Templates and guidelines for internal staff
  • On-campus communication materials
  • Banners, display and booth planning and design
  • Digital and online integration of the brand

Ready to align your traditional student recruitment message and materials with your online brand? Let’s talk. We can help your institution rise above the other choices and appeal to stealth applicants. Give us a call toll-free 866.363.4433. Or drop us an email.

Are stealth applicants presenting a significant challenge in your recruitment strategy? We offer options on our blog: