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Welcome, we’re your marketing experts.

After 40+ years of creating marketing and brand programs in Oregon and beyond, we understand what works. It starts with people—what they perceive and where and how they choose to respond.

We’ll put the right message in front of the right people where they choose to take action. Apply creative marketing. Build the brand. And you’ll see response surge.

Founded in design, driven by creative marketing

As marketing experts immersed in more than thirty years of seeing what works, we know how to create results. We deliver brands that demand attention. Messages that inspire “tell me more!” Strategies that drive response.

Creative Company’s president, Jennifer Larsen Morrow, trained as a graphic designer and founded Creative Company in 1978 in Salem, Oregon. Her focus on a consistent visual system blended with the right targeted message was at Creative Company’s core even before “branding” became a buzz word.

It’s all about people

Whatever the scope of the program you’re looking for, creative marketing starts with people's perceptions. The tools we choose, the designs we create, and the words we craft are all focused on your target audiences—who they are, how and where they communicate, and what they think is important.

Results? Yes.

We have earned hundreds of awards for our work. We’re recognized as a top Branding Agency on DesignRush.

But most important is the impact our clients have seen. Generating recognition where there was none. Reaching new markets. Increasing applications and yield. Boosting visibility. Creating buzz. Capturing new leads. Growing sales while reducing costs.

Take a look at our body of work. Or what clients say about our services.

Then let’s talk. What’s your creative marketing challenge? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you need to reach? Use our ebook to identify the foundational elements of your marketing.

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