A dynamic marketing speaker to energize and enlighten your team.

Need a dynamic marketing speaker?

Jennifer Larsen Morrow continues to energize and enlighten audiences around the country with her never-boring presentations on branding and marketing.

The speaker people talk about

No matter which industry, anyone in business will be more effective when they recognize and use the principles of branding. Jennifer Larsen Morrow brings her energy and passion — and more than 35 years of experience — to keynote talks and one- or two-hour workshops about branding. Every presentation is packed with examples, stories, ideas and actionable tactics.

From waste management to telecommunications to government associations and Chambers of Commerce, conference attendees have discovered how a brand makes every marketing action more effective; been inspired to examine and update their program; and left with fresh ideas and tactics to leverage their marketing investment.

You hit it out of the park! Feedback has been wonderful. Even my boss loved you!

—From a conference organizer

Small businesses and large, private or public organizations, schools and business associations have found big value in the ideas and vision Jennifer demonstrates in her talks.

Choose the presentation topic

  • Generational Marketing; how the generation your audience is in affects your marketing program
  • Identify Your Audiences First … Then Build Your Brand
  • Building an Integrated Brand without Breaking the Budget
  • Transform Your Business with Branding
  • 25+ Social Media Hacks, what you need to know NOW

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The information spurred my creative thoughts and I have a number of new ideas to try. There were lots of ideas, research and trends. And conversation was encouraged!

Ellen Montague, Cascade Bodyworks