Brand audit to blueprint.

You can’t decide where you’re going until you know where you are now. An audit is a snapshot and a blueprint provides direction.

When you’re looking for a quick assessment of your current brand, a brand audit provides feedback and suggestions for improvements. It’s a low-cost way to receive an objective, professional review of what’s in place now. It will provice ideas and direction to improve the effectiveness of your current program.

How much? $1250 gives you a review of your current marketing materials; a discovery meeting with your team*; an assessment of your current brand and message; and a summary of recommendations to move forward. It’s professional, valuable and actionable.

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Considering important new initiatives?

A marketing blueprint will provide a guideline for a new marketing program, a new brand or a rebrand. It can support an RFP, define the team you’ll need, determine a budget and summarize both audiences and objectives. Use a blueprint when you’re rethinking your website, reaching a new market, introducing new products or services, or you’re ready to reinvent or refresh your brand.

A marketing blueprint provides:

  • A cohesive and cost-effective program plan for immediate and future needs.
  • Information that’s needed to enroll staff and leadership in the vision and expected results of the proposed program.
  • A definition of target audiences and the sales process.
  • A summary of the critical points of choice to reach the target audiences and achieve the goals.

This final written plan provides the foundation for positioning, messaging, budgeting and a successful program. All stakeholders will have a guide from which to build.

Budget: $6000 to $8500 depending on the number of stakeholders and the scope of the program being planned.

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